Tableau Server, SingleOrigin Security and Android

Hi Tableau-lovers!

I have been implementing a mobile portal for our Tableau content. I have found out that Android does not check SingleOrigin the same way as … Everyone else!

Let me explain.

All works well on my Windows machine running Chrome, on my iPhone IOS 8, on my iPad 1 with IOS 4, on the iPad mini with IOS 7… But not on my son’s Android Tablet. So, thinking it might be a problem with the tablet itself, I installed Androidx86 VM, and here’s the result:



What is strange is the following. I never get that problem on IOS or Chrome on Windows. But on Android, even Chrome gives this error. But not for every workbooks!

Now, let’s look at the architecture.

I have my portal, which runs on IIS, on a VM machine in my basement.

I have my Tableau Server, which runs on a different VM machine, but in the same basement.

I use as a dynamic IP, and differenciate which VM to use through my router’s ports. And I think that’s where the problem lies. But I don’t understand it. I think it should work everywhere, or fail everywhere.

I have searched the web for this, and found nothing, so I thought I’d create this post so someone could stumble upon it.

If you have any good idea on what to try to fix this, let me know!


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