STARLIMS Data Connector v1 Released

Finally, I think it works! You can go to google data studio and create a STARLIMS Data Source!

Search for STARLIMS; if I got it right, it should come out in the partner section.

Follow the instructions, and you should be able to get it running!

A few things to note:

  1. the predefined queries work, except for COC, which I kind of ditched for now.
  2. the QBE work! Note that I don’t (yet) apply the default QBE filters, so don’t just go and pull up all your data. That will be hard on all servers.
  3. You can create many connections; so you technically could create one for Folders, one for Samples, one for Results, one for your favourite QBE, one for your products, etc… And blend all of them! Magical!
  4. Finally, and most importantly: I – do – not – cache – the – data. Not yet. I will eventually look at doing that, but not now. Therefore, each time you run this, you actually query the database server. Be careful.
  5. I do this on my own time for fun. It’s just fun. Good if it helps you, but don’t hold me responsible if you mis-use this!

That’s it for now! Remember, this is a project for fun! Contact me if you want to know more, of if you wish me to consider adding features to this.



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