A note about professional projects

Due to the confidentiality required by my employers, present and past, I am not allowed to put any of these projects here. Therefore, the below are only garage-grade projects.


Tech stack:

  • 1. STARLIMS Server for REST API consumption
  • 2. React + boostrap for UI, connecting to a NodeJs proxy
  • 3. NodeJs, proxy connecting to STARLIMS (caching and high I/O)
  • 4. Redis cache

This is a personal project to test using HTTPS and its stateless nature through REST services. Integration between Node and STARLIMS is done using STARLIMS’s secured REST API.

React Native Mobile App

Tech Stack:

  • 1. Expo & React Native (UI)
  • 2. NodeJs for Backend
  • 3. MongoDB for storing data
  • 4. Vite.js for Admin page

This is a personal project for a shopping list mobile application for experimental purposes. User is able to have many lists, and drag items up and down the list. Works on IOS and Android. Just never bothered to publish to a store, using it personally.

Other projects

Some other projects I have going, with a screenshot of my Github activity, since most of my projects are private.